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. shooting.a court document released friday showed that james holmes was a patient of psychiatrist lynne fenton. the information was revealed in a request from the 24-year-old suspect that investigators hand over a package he sent to doctor fenton on grounds it was a protected communication. the package was seized during a search last week. a former denver prosecutor agrees with holmes' request saying it does fall under doctor-patient confidentiality... but a psychologist disagrees. ((when a patient states a clear and imminent danger to a specific person, then we have an obligation to either warn thaa person, warn family members, and also the authorities. )) ))a judge will also hear arguments over holmes' request today.there will be no cameras allowed in the for the survivors of the massacre... ten remained hospitalized sunday ... including four in critical condition. animal control is still looking for a bulldog that attacked and seriously wounded a man in anne arundel county. on tuesday, the man was walking near burns crossing and dicus mill roads when the dog bit him seve
will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy. tragedy.the suspect... james holmes... is expected to appear in court this morning. he has been assigned a public defender and authorities say he is no longer cooperating with them in their investigation. besides the boobie traps in his apartment they also found a batman poster and a mask associated with the movies. stay with us for continuing coverage as holmes heads to court today.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. one of the victims was an aspiring sportscaster who had just survived another shooting in canada. canada.jason " one of the sweetest people you ever met just a great heart all around.." around.." jessica ghawi was inside the theater with her friend when her life came to an end. the twenty-four year-old was a sports intern in denver. family members say they just cant make sense of what happened. ' "i mean it just goes to show it takes just on idiot. to really ruin 12 amazing you know potentially world changing positive forces in this world.. so i mean i think anger will come." come."
movie massacre? massacre? suspected gunman james holmes bought a small arsenal in the months leading up to the shooting.but there's no record of him working since he dropped out of a prestigious neuroscience program at the university of colorado at denver... in june. holmes was only one of six pre- doctoral students to recieve a 22-thousand dollar a year grant... his only source of income. money for the grants.. comes from he national institutes of health. some people now suggest the n-i-h was the unwitting underwriter of holmes' weapons , but we do not know if that is how holmes' spent the money. the value of the guns, ammunition and bomb-making supplies is estimated between six to ten-thousand dollars. while the colorado shooting has some calling for tighter gun control laws... here in maryland it'll soon be áeasierá for people to get a permit to carry a concealed han. handgun.under the current law... residents are required to provide what's called a "good and substantial reason" to carry a handgun. but raymond woolard of baltimore county fought to change that... and filed a
of the victims.the suspect... james holmes... is expected to be formally charged next week. a city audit finds residents were overcharged á9 millions dollarsá.... for water use. use.the city cites many problems... including faulty meters and human error.but the head of baltimore's bureau of water is telling the mayor the problem is being corrected. (mayor) "these problems did not develop overnight and therefore we all know it will take time to correct, however this administration, my administration is committed to invest in improving this vital resource." customers have recieved more than 4-million dollars in refundsbut many other residents are still due an extra 5-million dollars. a sinkhole closes streets, and evacuates businesses near johns hopkins hospital because of a possible gas leak. and this morning the real work begins in trying to solve the problem. we were there just after it happened yesterday afternoon, and joel d. smith is live there now to see how long it will be affecting traffic, and those who work in the area. good morning joel d. 3 3 we could be one step closer to a sp
.... the drama surrounding katie holmes aad tommcruise... isn't recently did... ttat's and high-end designers... are coming to a target near you. ladies... we're talkinn tory and carolinaaherrerr. how mucc a majority of the clothing will cost... and when it's expected to hit're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. ((break 2)) new this mooning... prrakness winner "i'll ave anotter"... is headed or japannthe orse hhs been sold áten-million dollars.áá the horse's owner claims the high price is far more than any amount he was offered in the u-s."i'll havv another" retired with a tendon injury the day before he was set o stakes... for a shot at the t triple crown. &pas the anniversary of amy winehouse's death approaches... the late singer's father is opennng up in a new book... titledd"amy, my daaghter."in it... mitch wwnehouse is candid about bbt he says he doesn't want his aughter's legacyyto be alllnegative.wwnehouse also about the ggrl he describes as "cheeky and funny."amy winehouse died of lcohol poiioning last year at the agg of 27. nothing but open
, over a week ago... is charged with 24 counts of murder.two for each victim. victim.james holmes also faces 116 counts of attempted 1st degree murder.those charges also doubled for the 58 people wounded in the attack. "i felt anger and i felt resentment that anybody could take away someones life for just going to the movies. and i also felt sorry for him in the sense that here was a brilliant person who couldve done a lot of good but what went wrong? and i also thought whats going on with the mental health system?" system?"whether holmes will face the death penalty is still up in the air.the d-a won't make that decision for several weeks a credentialing group says it didn't have enough evidence two years ago to punish the man accused of passing hepaititis c to dozens of people across the country countrydavid kwiatkowski was charged last week in new hampshire... but he actually caught the attention of his credentialling agency two years ago.he was fired after a fellow employee says they found him passed out in a hospital bathroom.kwiatkowski turned in his license... but then immediate
are merging today ... about tom cruise and katie holmes' brrak-up. what holmes is accusing the tom's church... the church of scientology... of doing. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. alll morning. 3 çç çç chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combining tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out the whole radiant collection. new this morning... friiay's massive storms still have more than a hundred thousand b-g-e ustomers waking up without power this mo.'s a look at the latest nummers.according to b-g-e's website... total... annn arundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll coonty... howard county... 3&firefighters in colorado sayy theyyve stopped the massive waldo canyon ffre from rowing any of now... 70- percen
will need to be re-filed. pom cruiie and katie holmes make t official.according to pheir attorneys... theetwo signnd divorce settlement... but as oo now... no details are being releesee.last month... holmes filed for &ppivorce after 5 ears of marriagg... seeking sole daaghter, surii in a joint pay theyyre committed o suri's best interests... and would llke to keep matters affecting their family private. tax-free onlineessopping may soon be a thing of the past. beeomes law.congress is looking at llgissation that woold equire you to pay your coalition oo internet - companies includinggeeay and overstock are lobbying againss the proposed legislation mom aad poo operatioos. hit - some disappointing neww today... or tourists.the washington monummnttwill remain closed for another year. the tallest structure in d-c has alreaay been closed for nearly a year... ffllowing an engineers found the quake left several cracks in the interior support beams. national park service begin this fall. faailiee withhfurry friends could help keep kids healthier.... that's according to a new stud
others wounded. the suspect... 24-year-old james holmes... appeared in court yesterday.prosecutors are expected to file formal charges next week. coming up... the world mourns the loss of a space pioneer.the illness... that claimed the life of sally ride. ((megan live tease))penn state's 60 million dollar fine.. could make a big impact across the country.the child abuse centers right here in baltimore hoping to expand because of it. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. the push to raise the minimum wage.why some think it will bring people back to baltimore. on fox 45 news at five. 3 -live look pratt street -baltimmore grand prix looking for volunteers... more details in minutes 3 3 map fiber map 3 the n-c-a-a gives penn state an unprecendented punishment in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. scandal.the penalties include a 60-million-dollar fine. a four year ban on "post season" play. removal of áallá wins since 19-98 and the loss of 10 scholarships a year for four . years. the school must create a fund to prevent
the identity of the colorado movie theater shooter... it's 24-year-old james holmes.what we know about him.. minutes from now. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mmrning. ((break 6)) 3 hey it's half off!once upon a fairytale has a great deal for you.for just 15 dollars, you can get a 30 dollar gift certificate there.ayauna barron joins us this morning with more. - what can children do at the princess party? - what are the recommended age groups for the princess parties? - how long does a typical party last? 3 to get your half off gift card, log on to hey its half off dot com right now.they are limited, so don't wait. coming up... it's breaking records... in the worlds of literature.the trilogy series... "50 shades of gray" is beating out... and the nationwide change... doctors say it's responsible're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) women and men across america can't stop turning the page of the steamy book a 50 shadds of grey. some experts are even predicting it could lead to a baby boom next year. year.another interesting fac
were legal for holmes to buy .. but under an expired federal law and a law romney signed into law by romney in massachusetts would have made the ammunition and the semi-automatic illegal coming up... airline prices... are on the much the average ticket... will now cost you. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4)) vi ripken's kidnapper. the role the f-b-i is taking in the 3 -live look m & t bank stadiumravens first official practice 3 let your next trip to the grocery.. be on us.we're giving away 250 dollar giant gi.'s our giant summer contest! contest! óóóóóó has 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 and claim their prize.if he/she doesn't call in... we'll draw another name... so stay could still be a winner today! today!want to get your name in the box?just go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... become a fan and complete the entry form to enter.go to our website for complete contest rules. 3 map fiber map 3 a fire fighter is taken to the hospital afttr battling a two alarm fire in
. ((break 7)) 3 today marks one week since katie holmes filed for divorice from tom cruise.the details surrounding the relationship continue to come forward.candace has more on hollywood's heartbreaking story for today's lowdown. katie fiied for divorice in residential and legal custody only pending applicatioo filed by katie remains her request for an anonymous caption... makes the ase harder for people to track through the court system this news comes after 5 years of marriage.there's a lot of speculation about what happened.many people say katii didn'' want to commit to scientology like tom and she didnt want o raiseesuri under the experts doubt it will play a decidinn role innthe teems of the final settlement.soorces close tt tom say scientology was not the eason for the s importtnt to note that neither katie nor her attorneys have commented on the reaaons. - there's a lot of speculation aaout the days leading up to the move.take a look at this picture of this escalade. photos of two vehicles now being useddby three mysterious professional-looking me
was getting a divorce wiihhkktie holmes.on tuesday... he turned the big 5- oh.and today... he's getting some big recognition from "forbes magazine"... as being the highest-paid actor of the y. pear. pulling in 75-million dollars... tom cruise came in way ahead of his fellow actors... leonardo dicaprio and aaam sandler. cruise has the "miision impossible" franchises' huge success to thank for making his millions. 3coming up... you could win 250-dollars in free grocery... on usshow you can enter in our "giant summer contestt... next. and i'm a burger guy. cheeseburgee's fine with me.// me.// and if you have some last-minute items to bby before your fourth of july cookout... listen up.the two for.s you'll beepaying more - ((break 5)) ((bump in)) evacuate he the national mall tuesday... when thunderstorms rolled throogh the d-c area. theenational syyphony and several others were there or jull 4th concert.the annual concert, known as "a ccpitol fourth"... concludes with the national fireworks display and pill attract hundreds f thoussnds of people to the mall tonight. (toss to weatter))
too cruise and katie holmes.. - she was confidinn in a prettyy pnlikely source.. hissex wife. katie leaned on nicole tt hell build up thh ourage to lleve... you thinkkthey'd eb kidman.. said she knew exactly - what kktte was going through.. the tww allegedly had a secrett friendship for years... and started talking when nicole would call for the kids...the rest is history... kidmann won't say nythign bad about &pper breakup with tom... just that she's had happy eeding and has no regrets... the honeymoon has been over for rrssell brand aad laty & is the marriage. the couple's diiorce was finalized &pmonnay... they married in last december... theyve had all kknds of issues.. hh wanted kids she didn't... she summed up their split ith a dream, but the reality is s - not like the movies. well normally theewoman is the one who goes nuts after a divorce... cuts their hair.. pyes it... we spotttddrusselll expressing his sorrow through his clottes. which of courselanded him as this weeks' celbrity fashionnfaux pas... he was actually hhaded might really be the cause of t
about tom cruise. cruise.for the first time since he reached a divorce settlement with katie holmes, tom cruise is spending some quality time with their daughter has been busyyshooting his latesttfilm, "oblivion," in california. but people-dot-com reports he was spotted in new york tuesday carrying surr into a hotel. people also reports the pair have agreed suri will live in new york full time with mom, but will see her father often. there is an official tom cruise dot com twitter account... there is no comment on the ordeal. we always want to keee you up to date oo the latest news whether its from hollywood or right here in baltimore.make sure to follow us on twitter. just log on to fox baltimore dot com and click on twitter under the community features section. coming up... a scooter mishap... caught on c. camera.we'll show you the shocking video... of a woman escalator... next.'re watching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. morning news.. all locall. all i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon. wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15